16 ANNOUNCEMENT! 1/21/08
I proudly announce the opening of our new site:

The Moonlit Cave of Fire

I'm keeping Auropaws up until the new site is fully completed. To all my affies, I'll be sending emails of re-affiliation to all of you soon^^
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15 Eeeep! 1/17/08
Sorry for the lack of updates recently^^;
The new site is "The Moonlit Cave of Fire"
Progress is running smoothly though I have to take a pause 'cause I still have exams next week >.<
Anyways, the site will be open by next week, count on it ;D

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14 New Plans! :3 1/6/08
It's agreed, Auropaws will merge sites with Umbreon's Cavern!!!
I'll be putting more updates about it soon. Not much updates on the site recently. That's it for now, seeyas x3
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13 Almost 2009! 12/30/08
I've uncapped the AP 2009 style and banner to welcome the year 2009! =D

Happy New Year
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12 Getting Ready :D 12/29/08
It's almost the new year!!!^^
I've added up 3 new episodes of Cloud's Comics:
2 for the Season 2 and one special Christmas episode!
Plus 2 new polls located below ↓
Also, the AP 2009 style is finished and I'll be putting it up tomorrow =D
I have a lot planned for AP ahead, but I'm having a bit of a few tech problems with my host recently <_<
Anyways, that's for this update, seeyas^^
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11 Coming Up! 12/27/08
After a very Merry Christmas to everyone, now it's time to make the final countdown to the year 2009!
I'm already setting up a new style with a new banner to welcome the New Year^^
Expect more stuff to come up soon.
Also, I placed up 2 new affiliates:
Tev's Canyon under the regular affies; and
The Sky Temple under the top affies
Come check there sites out^^ Well that's for this update, Seeya's everyone^^
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