10 Almost Christmas!!! 12/22/08
Yeah! Christmas is almost here X3
I've placed Tertwig's Base back up because he re-opened his site^^.
I also added a new page under the "Collections" category, Downloadabees.^^
You can download some of the programs I make completely for free |3
Go check it if it interests you^^
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9 Updates :3 12/16/08
Going through with the updates... We got a new episode for Cloud's Comics!!! Also, I've added up a couple of new pages of pokemon song lyrics^^. Now don't think I just made easy copying and pasting them, no, I played the song and reviewed the lyrics one by one, and yeah, I made sure they match. I also, removed Tertwigs Base and Quilava's Clubhouse on the affies list because they closed down their sites. It's the new category in the menu, SONGS/LYRICS. I've also included links to youtube vids with them |D. Anyways, that's it for this update, seeyas^^
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8 Phew... 12/12/08
Almost... there... just one more exam to go...
So anyways, I'll be adding new pages by about next week, after the last exam. Also, I'm proud to announce that Pokémon Pwnz has made it to to Top Affies^^. Unfortunately, there's nothing much to say right now^^;
Welp, seeya^^

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8 Updates... 11/28/08
Updated Cloud's Comics! We got 3 new episodes of season 2^^
Be sure to check 'em out^^

That's it for this update (exams next week! oh noes!). 'Till then people, seeyas^^

Minor Update: Cloud's Comics Season 2 Episode 11 is up^^
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7 Schoolwork Cramp 11/22/08
I is still a bit stressed X_X.
Lot's of school work, exams in 1.5 week, exasperating assignments. Eeeep, at least this'll be over in 2 more weeks. 2 more.... then December break. Ahhhh... So anyways, the updates; Well, sometimes I put up a new affie without notice, so welcome all new affies^^. I also placed a link to Umbreon97's Oekaki on the MAIN category^^. Come check it out^^

More updates soon. 'Till then, Seeyas^^.

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6 A Few Fixes 11/17/08
Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been kinda busy lately.
Ugghh, I give up, I finally decided to put up a styleswitcher after seeing many sites having 'em >.<
I've placed up a Char Factor style in honor of my previous site, Char Factor^^
I also forgot about the hover button thing for the affiliates, I dunno what was wrong about it, I reviewed the code a plethora of times and I didn't seem to find anything wrong O_o. I'll be improvising that one soon.

Anyways, that about it for this update. I'll think of something up soon.
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5 Update #5 11/11/08
Don't mind the title, I can't think of anything else XD. So anyways, I moved Cresselias Moon and Gcobi from puppy affies, to regular affies^^. Also, I think my hover thing on the affies went buggy, I'll fix that asap. Not much updates really, I'll think of something up soon^^;; And lastly, a big
For my li'l sister^^
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4 New Page and Affies 11/8/08
Okay, I don't have much time so I'll make this a quick update.
I've added a new page under the "Funzone" Section^^
And we have 2 new affies namely, Quilava's Clubhouse and Tertwig Base^^
Uh-oh... gotta run... Seeyas^^
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3 New Affie and Comic Update 11/4/08
Yup, we have a new affie^^, Cresselia's Moon is now added to my affies list.
Also, Cloud published 4 new episodes for season 2 of his awesome comics =D
I placed them up as well. Woohoo! I gots my home connection back up and better than ever.^^
That's it for this update, 'till next time peoples^^
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2 Me is backness^^ 11/03/08
Okay first of all, I'm sorry if I haven't been on for a while.
But now I am back!!! Woohoo! Still have no connection at my home comp though X_X

So anyways, here are the latest updates:
  • CLOUD'S COMICS - I've added the 2 new episodes of season 2!
  • NEW PAGE - A new page called "Wallpapers" have been added on the Gallery!
  • NEW DIVS - I've added a few more web page dividers on the gallery.
Thanks for the remarks everyone, that's it for this update, seeyas^^
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1 Welcome to the revamped Auropaws! 10/27/08
Lol, I didn't even know why I revamped AP (XD). We'll since I had so much spare time but I couldn't go online, I just decided to make a little upgrade^^. So, the rundown of teh new stuff:
  • NEW LOOK! - that's right, a brand new awesome look^^
  • NEW BANNER! - yayz for the new banner^^
  • BULLETIN BOARD! - Yar lookin' at it right now! Menu's at the top ↑
  • ← DANCING POKEBALLS! → - up, down, up, down, up, dow... zzzzzz...
Note: Revamp is still incomplete. Some pages may be temporarily unavailable or may have broken links. 'Till then, have fun!^^
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